Well its June first and I have a few new projects to work on this month That I will be posting up here.

For the Freeboota Motivational Challenge it is Bootas Choice this month, so I am going to be painting 20 Kroot and 5 Hounds. That is as soon as I can decide what colors to use... I only have like 5 different ideas what I am going to do. I am open to suggestions.

For Commission work I have 2 on the table for this month. Neither one of them will take all that long. Up first is Canis Wolfborn and 2 Warwolves from Hordes. And then I will be switching over to a home brew marine chapter from Canada. It is a Space Marine Battleforce and a Jump Chaplain.

For "extra credit" I am going to be pulling out my Warmachine stuff and dusting it off and getting it painted. The game is finally starting to get popular here again and I am thinking that if I can get some stuff painted then I just might enter the Steamroller tournament up at the LGS at the end of July. Just have to wait and see.

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  1. Hmm ya know..the Labatt's Color Scheme might be cool on a Space Marine..lol looking forward to seeing the Strange Brew..er Home Brew!

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