So I just wanted to start off by saying that I love this codex and that in my personal opinion this has to be one of the most balanced codex we have seen in a while. This review is going to reflect my personal opinions on the codex.

So this is a new codex from Games Workshop (obviously) and it is long over due. It is written by Matt Ward. The codex has some really good fluff in it. Yeah a lot of it has changed and Matt Ward is kinda taking the Necrons in a new direction, but in all honesty I feel that it is the direction that they should of been going in from the beginning. Almost like the last edition of the book was a rushed after thought. If you do buy this book read the fluff at the beginning of the book... it will really give you some good insight to the race. As well as a few laughs here and there. In reading some of the fluff you get a sense that the Necrons are a very cunning and tricksey race. In one story you read how they give some orks some Doomsday Cannons and when the orks try to figure them out the orks and the planet just cease to exsist. In another you read how Trazyn the Infinite thanks Inquisitor Valeria for sending him some Catachans and in return he sends her a Tesseract Labyrinth.

Rules Changes

Well for starters... Gone are the days of Phase out. And thank God for that too. There was nothing worse than to be sitting on a couple of objectives and be forced to phase out because your army is reduced to less than 25% which causes you to lose the game.

Also "We'll be Back" has been changed to "Reanimation Protocols" and the Necrons get back up on a 5+ now.

They have a couple other new rules that I am not going to go into at this time because I dont want the IP hammer swinging in my direction.

The Codex has a whole slew of new units that are available to you to chose from Like Triarch Praetorians, Lychguard, Deathmarks, and even some new vehicles to chose from. There are also several named Characters to choose from. Most all of the old staples are back like the warriors and the immortals. Also back are the wraiths (with several cool upgrade options) and the gruesome Flayed Ones.

In the Paint section of the book it shows you several cool ways to paint the Necrons other than just drybrushing them boltgun metal and calling it good. If the studio can get its hands on a box of Necron warriors I will paint some up to show you some other options to show you as well.

All in all this is a VERY well written Codex. I am rather impressed with it. I am going to wrap this up for now and at a later date (probably later this week) I will go over some of the new units and how I see them as being useful.

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