As you all know I am a huge fan and supporter of our friends over at Secret Weapon Miniatures. Mr Justin is an awesome person to deal with and not only do they have great products they have great customer service.

Well some of you may know that I am not the greatest fan of Kickstarter... well honestly I think I might just have to eat my words on this one. Cause Mr Justin just today has launched a Kickstarter that I would love to support and I recommend that all of you at least take a look at it and consider getting in on it as well. Secret Weapon is proud to present their Tablescapes line. It looks like they are going to come in sets of 16 12"x12" tiles that will make a 4'x4' board on the Kickstarter he also has a set that contains 32 tiles so you can make a 4'x8' board. As I understand it from watching the video on the Kickstarter page the 16 tiles are all different so you will have hundreds of different combinations to put them together so every battle will be different. The Tablescapes are made from an injection molded plastic and not some soft poured plastic or resin. So they will be sturdy. Also they are held together with little clips that go in the corners so you wont have to worry about the tiles shifting and your models getting knocked about.

So what about the price you ask... well for a set of 16 tiles on the Kickstarter it is $150 and for the 32 tiles it will run you $250, and those prices include shipping. Mr. Justin is hoping to have them ready to be shipped out by October according to the info on the Kickstarter. Now lets compare this for a second to the Realms of Battle Board and tile expansion set from GW. The Realms of Battle board comes as a set of 6 2'x2' tiles so you can make a 4'x6' table for $290 and for another $99 you can get 2 more tiles giving you a 4'x'8' board, bringing that total to $389. So for a much higher quality 4'x'8'  board that you have almost unlimited options for a layout you can spend $250 for a set from Secret Weapon Miniatures... or if you are a GW fanboy you can shell out almost $400. Personally I would rather spend the $250 for the board from SWM and then take the money that I saved to buy some matching terrain or resin bases.

Thats right people... the Tablescapes don't end with just the 16 tile sets... which according to the video that Mr. Justin made there are going to be several different sets designed to match some of the different base sets that they produce. Let me say that again... they are making the boards to match their resin bases. How awesome would that be to have your awesomely painted miniatures mounted on some of SWM bases and be playing on a board that actually matches the bases. Now let me take this one step further... IF I understood everything correctly in the video and from what I read on the Kickstarter page there is also going to be a modular wall set to match the boards as well. Talk about having a themed army and table... honestly how cool would this be. Personally I can't wait for the Ruined Temple set to come out so that I can have a matched board for my Blood Angels to play on.

So go to KICKSTARTER and please, please, please show your support for Secret Weapon Miniatures Tablescapes Kickstarter so that we have better and way more affordable options than what is already out there for modular gaming boards. I know I have plans on supporting this one myself.

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