Well folks, October is over with which means we are officially into the holiday season. Which means that it is the time of giving... and I ask you all to think about this... IF you are not a painter or modeler how would you feel if someone gave you grey plastic for Christmas? Wouldn't it be cooler to get models that were already painted? I know IF I was that person I would love to get models that were already painted and ready to start playing with that day. So why not get the models ahead of time and send them in to us here at 2Ton Studios and get them painted so you can give you gaming friends painted models instead?

So with that being said this month I am going to continue the work I have been doing on the Convergence Of Cyriss models that I got, as well as maybe a local commission or two. But don't you fret, if you were thinking about sending models in to get them painted there are still plenty of spots left on the commission calender.

BUT don't wait until the last minute in case things get busy... you don't want to miss a good slot on the calender nor do you want to have to wait until after Christmas to get your models painted. So to get your place on the calender just shoot me an email at chris@2tonpainting.com and I will get you on the calender.

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