Thats right... pure MADNESS in the studio. Well actually not madness but busy busy busy. I am working on a Dark Angels/Ravenwing commission as well as an ongoing series of commissions for my Circle Orboros client.

On the bubble this month is also a possible Trollblood and Retribution commissions just have to wait and see what the community brings my way.

As for personal projects for the studio... well that is going to be taking a slight shift in what I am working on at the moment. I know I have been talking about the Trolls and the Convergence for the last few months. Well I have made some changes to the Khador that I have been playing and that means new units to get painted and added to the army. One of which will be a unit of Black Dragon Pikemen.

They studio is hopping at the moment... but its going to fun and interesting.

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