Hey everyone, another year has come and gone in the world of 2Ton Studios and as we welcome in 2015 things are still looking bright. Lots of things to assemble and paint. Tons of people buying models and wanting them painted. Granted I might not get a bunch of work and it could turn out to be a slow year, people are still getting their models painted by someone. So maybe someday I might get to enjoy my dream of being able to play games and not have to set up across from unpainted models.

Right now I am working on a Skorne army for a local customer, I am getting back into Malifaux since I had a chance to play a demo for Malifaux 2nd ed. this past weekend and really enjoyed it. Also there is still some more Relic Knights stuff sitting out on the shelf that needs to get addressed soon. Plus there is talks of some more Troll stuff that is not mine mind you and maybe even some more 40k stuff.

So like I said this new year is looking kinda bright for the studio and we will just have to roll with the punches to see what all fun painting projects will be getting to come our way.

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