This is the first of many parts to an eldar commission. Not all that bad saying that they only took me like 3 to 3.5 hours to paint. I honestly forgot that I am not a huge fan of eldar and all of their gems on their armor. And I have a question... what is with GW and wanting to paint them uber bright. I prefer the more dark and muted tones that I painted them.

And before anyone says anything... they are not based because the person I am painting the eldar and the arbites for did not want them any more based than that.

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  1. GW is all about vibrant, they seem to think that gems should always come out sparkling from the way the Fluff reads anyway. I don't agree with that myself, why wear something on your Armor that's going to say "Hey! I'm RIGHT here with the shiny bits! Take a shot!"

    I like the sort of Ochre yellow you have going on for the Helms

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