Okay Gang... I have been talking about making resin bases for a while now. I figured not was a good time to start posting up pictures of the masters so you can get an idea of what I will be making. I already have some of the molds made for some of these and can cast them at will. I have ordered some packaging for the bases and they will be able to be sold in stores soon. So if you own a store... or if you know someone who does... get them in contact with me so they can be available elsewhere too.

Prices are as follows:

25mm: $1.50ea. OR 10 for $10
40mm: $3.00ea. OR 5 for $10
60mm: $5.00ea.
120mm x 90mm Oval $12.00ea (for Dreadknights or Valkarie/Storm Raven w/flight post)
25mm x 70mm Bike $3.00ea OR 5 for $10

Now not every size is available for all styles yet... but they will be eventually. I just have to get the masters made up.

So first up on display are going to be the "Fortress" bases. They are a tile floor with areas that can be painted up as piles of dirt or debris. They are a good generic base that would look good with any 40k army standing on them. For these right now I have 25mm, 40mm, 60mm, and 120mm x 90mm Ovals

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