Okay... Now that I have shown off a whole series of master sculpts of bases that I am going to be selling I have a little bit of news about these. First up... the good part... there will be Bike bases done up for each set of these (as soon as I get more bike base blanks) and I will be doing up the large Oval bases for the ones that get the most requests at first. They will eventually be available for all the lines of bases but at first it is going to be on just select few.


Fortress (standard now... Infestation avail. 8/22)
Deck Plate
Rubble (standard now... Infestation avail. 8/22)
Rocky Flats
Snow (not pictured... yet)
Desert Wastes

Like I said in prior post...

Prices are as follows:

25mm: $1.50ea. OR 10 for $10
40mm: $3.00ea. OR 5 for $10
60mm: $5.00ea.
120mm x 90mm Oval $12.00ea (for Dreadknights or Valkarie/Storm Raven w/flight post)
25mm x 70mm Bike $3.00ea OR 5 for $10

Some of them are ready to cast now and have already started being used. Others are sitting in the molds waiting for the silicone to cure. All styled will be ready for purchase by this weekend if you get them Direct from me. Other websites which have agreed to sell them and a couple local stores that expressed interest in having them in stock will be getting them just as soon as I get the rest of the packaging in the mail. Once I have I finalized list of who all will be stocking them I will post it up on here so you will know who to contact. I have hopes of having all sizes and styles in stock here in the studio at all times... but that all depends on my resin supplier and the demand for the bases. So preorder from me now... and they will be shipping out on Monday August 1st. Or if you are near the studio I can arrange to get them to you either saturday or sunday. So get your orders in now... beat the rush.

3 Responses so far.

  1. Wolfy are these just for 40k? or will you be doing the edge for WarMaHordes as well?

    They look excellent so far though :)

  2. yes... warmahordes bases are in the works... please be patient with me here... as for Malifaux... those have been made for a long time now.

    I am hoping to have warmahordes bases ready for order by 9/1, but we will just have to wait and see what the work load is like.


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