So here we are... another month is gone from the calender and we start with a fresh slate yet again. SO lets look back at May...

It was a rather slow month for posts (didn't really work on that much) and it was really slow on the commission side. BUT there was a big thing that happened last month that I think is really cool. I got to paint some models for the guys over at The Eternal Warrior podcast and they are giving those models away all you have to do is email them your wargaming story... whether it be tragic, funny, epic, or just one fail after another. And you will be entered to win these awesome special edition models for Malifaux. Also those guys did an interview with yours truly while we were at Adepticon in April and they finally played that interview and given the studio a really good shout out. Since that aired I am happy to say I am getting more requests for info. So that is a step in the right direction.

Now for June... what to expect... I am going to be posting up some pictures that I took of some models that I painted up for Phil over at Firebase Delta. Also for June... the Forgeworld Marine that I have posted up as being for sale... He has been sold (as of today in fact) and is going to be painted up to go with the lucky buyers Ravenguard army. More great news... I have just inked a deal as of yesterday to paint up some old school IG models for someone so once those models arrive I will be getting them painted up and get pictures put up on here for the world to see. I am not going to say which old school IG flavor they are... just that it is going to be a surprise. And rumor has it that Phil is going to be sending over some more Firestorm Armada models for me to paint... especially with that game getting a new rulebook very soon.

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  1. I shall wander over there and see if I can't win myself some more 2 Ton Studios goodness! I was hoping to see some Pics of the work you did for Phil with his FSA stuff so that will be interesting. Have you checked out the new GW Painting Guide yet Wolfy? Any thoughts on it if so?

  2. Actually its his Covenant of Antarctica that he has had me painting... I have some pictures of it on my iphone I will get them loaded up this week before the big commission arrives. As for the painting guide I picked one up 2 weeks ago... my stubbornness finally wore off. I am still not impressed with the paints that much. The tips and stuff the book gives is stuff that I was already aware of so for me it was more of a waste of money, but for other people that swear by GW paints and going along with everything that GW says and convinces you to buy like its gospel then its not bad. As a professional painter and now a competition painter I am going to stick with paints that I know are good and consistent (eg. Reaper Master Series, Formula P3, and Secret Weapon Washes)

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