So I have been waiting to post up about this until Games Workshop made it officially available to advance order so I could get my facts straight and not just give you a bunch of speculation like some other sites out there.

Thats right people... With the annual price hike that Games Workshop has now become famous for they have decided to spring a new (and in my opinion unneeded) edition of Warhammer 40k on us. and with a US price tag of $74.25 I think it is a bit outlandishly priced too. No rulebook for any game system is worth $75. I don't care if it is full color and hardback. Oh and 452 pages. It is still just a rulebook.

Games Workshop still stands behind the statement that 40k's target audience is younger adults. How many young adults will be able to afford a $75 dollar rulebook? With things being tight for this die hard gamer I am seriously thinking of hanging up my 40k habit. I mean a hardcover rulebook for Warmachine (which is also a full color book) is only like $45 the softcover version is only $30. Now yes Warmachine has the Wrath expansion and (in July) the Colossals expansion. But those books are not required unless you want to play whats in the book or if you are a fluff junkie and want to read how they are expanding the story line for the universe. Games Workshop says that they have updated the fluff a bit in the the new rulebook but honestly I doubt it. they added the rules for flyers apparently too... that could of been done as a PDF or as an expansion book like what Privateer Press is about to release in the next few weeks for the Colossals.

So in closing... unless one of you readers out there want to send the studio a free copy of the new rulebook when it comes out... I think I might be done with it, cause I would rather spend money upgrading equipment here in the studio than on a rulebook that is just going to be out of date in another couple years.

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