I got this testimonial sent to my email the yesterday morning from a very recent customer. Read on...

Late one night I was listening to my favorite podcast, Eternal Warriors and they interviewed a fella that donated some mini's for a contest they were putting on.  The miniatures themselves didn't really interest me, but the painter had done a very dark and gritty refined paint job.  After listening to the interview and checking out his gallery of works I decided to contact him about a project that has been sitting in the back of my closet for some 15 years since I bought the army boxes of them back in 1997.  Praetorian Guard, and quite a bit of them.

I contacted Chris at 2ton Studios about the project, gave him an idea of how many miniatures I was looking at getting painted and at what level I wanted them painted at.  I wanted them done at his more advanced level, not display level since I plan on playing the heck out of these, but at the same time I wanted them to shine so I wanted better than average.  150 miniatures is not an insignificant amount of infantry.

He responded in a few hours explaining how he conducted business and gave me a price which was more than fair.  Two days later I dispatched my praetorians to him for painting.  Less than four weeks later I got a box full of miniatures back.  I wanted to take a few moments and share some of the highlights of my experience in using his service.

1. Response time to a question or email was always within 24 hours.  Normally just a few hours at most.
2. He sent regular status updates and pictures of the project how it was progressing.
3. He gave me a time line when we agreed on the project and met it exactly.  Keep in mind this was less than four weeks for 150 infantry models.  Very prompt.
4. When he shipped the finished product back to me they were individually wrapped in bubble wrap.  Not a single miniature was damaged in any way.  They took a while to unwrap, but so worth the time and effort in packaging.
5. All communications were businesslike and professional.  
6. He didn't nickel and dime me to death.  When getting the army ready for paint, he didn't like the way the banner carriers looked with just paper banners, so he scrounged up some cadian flags and converted them in simply because they looked better.  It was a small quick change, but He didn't tack on assembly or converting charges like some services would have.

Overall I was very happy with the quality of the experience overall.  It was a pleasure working with 2ton studios from start to finish, and can say unreservedly that I plan on using his services again.  Now that I have all these painted praetorians, they clearly need a tank or two in matching colors.  Perhaps a baneblade.  I would highly recommend his service, and have to several of my friend who are more into the playing aspect of the hobby than the painting side.

So many armies, so little time.  Ask yourself which you would like to spend more time doing, painting or playing ?  I know my time is precious to me and I would rather spend the time playing.

Jeff Morrison
Vanduhar of 40kfightclub

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  1. I think this very highly of the professionalism with which you run the studio. It also says a lot for how you treat your clients. Very professional and very caring. It also show the pride you take in the job you do. Keep up the great job.

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