So as June closes out on a spectacular month of posts and views I just want to say thank you to everyone that came over and checked out the site. I am happy to announce that the record number of views for the month has now been moved to June. I also want to thank the guys with the Tale of Painters blog network for posting up a link to the Ravenguard themed Forge World Marine that I painted up for one of my clients. That one post has 3 times more views than any other post I have ever made in the history of running 2Ton Studios.

But enough about June... July is going to be COLOSSAL... thats right gang... as most of you know I am more of a Privateer Press guy than I am a GW guy anymore (don't worry GW fans I am not leaving you yet... I am working on getting a rulebook for 6th ed then I will do a review). Anyway... PP has started to release the Colossals for Warmachine. and I just happen to have the Stormwall for Cygnar sitting on the shelf waiting for me to get to work on it. And there will be a Conquest arriving sometime this month...whenever it comes out... along with the Colossals expansion book. All of which will be getting reviewed as they come out and as I get to work on them. Which all of the colossal models will be getting resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures. I have already thought about which ones will get which bases and I have ordered them and they are sitting here waiting.

Also for July I will be wrapping up Project Zulu Warrior later this week so Expect to start seeing more pictures of that over the next few weeks. And there are still rumors floating around about some more Firestorm Armada or Dysatopian Wars models in the pipeline. So we will just have to wait and see how things work themselves out there.

One more thing that I wanted to remind people of is that if you hire me to paint your models for you... don't forget to order your Secret Weapon Resin bases through me. Make your miniatures the talk of your gaming group with some kick ass resin bases from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

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