Well it is that time of month again when I sum up the previous and preview the upcoming... July was a slow month for painting because I had plans for doing a lot of airbrushing and the compressor I had ordered did not work at all when I got it so I had to send it in to the manufacturer to get it repaired or replaced. Well the good news is that I finally got the replacement in the mail the other day so I can start airbrushing like a mad man.

Or so I thought...

The same day that my compressor arrived in the mail I got box of models from Phil over at Firebase Delta to paint up for him. So that puts off my airbrushing for a little bit longer. But that is okay with me because I am painting on someone else models so that means work is coming in.

July was also great because I got to paint a couple larger models like the Cryx Wraith Engine and the Cygnar Stormwall. I can already tell you now that when I get done with the models for Phil I will be painting on my Khador Conquest... might have to wield my new airbrush for that one too.

So I am going to keep this short so I can get to work on Phils models so I can get them finished and sent back to the Firebase for deployment.

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