Well I decided to finally paint up The Iron Wolf and get him officially added to my Khador army. I am sure all of you are familiar with pictures from that army in the past... If not... Go check them out.

Now I do have his companion Black Ivan sitting here waiting for paint too... Not sure if I want to paint him next or paint my Conquest. That is unless I get some commission work to float my way in the next few days.

That's right people... The schedule is cleared up and waiting for your models to find their way to my table for a great paint job.

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  1. Good looking Harkevich. I'd paint up Black Ivan next if I were you. Ivan finds his way into a ton of lists and has made regular Destroyers irrelevant. Conquest has yet to ruffle my skirt. Plus you can probably paint Ivan in 1/3 of the time it would take to do Conquest.

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