On this model I sorta stepped away from the way that the crew at PP had painted him. I know when I stared this project I wanted to keep things really close to the way that they painted the models but there are some things that I wanted to change. Other than painting the Pureblood Warpwolf something other than white... my druids or anything druid related were going to be different. At least a little. In the books they are all described as "the black clad" well I felt the need to change that so I went with darkish green. Going back to the way that the I painted my Stone Keeper for my Shifting Stones I really like the way that he turned out so I decided to stick with the same green theme on this model for the inside of his cloak. When I start painting the Druids later this week they are going to be painted in the same greens cause I think they really look good.

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