Hey gang,

Just wanted to give all of you an update and make a small apology for not getting the tutorials/reviews done that I wanted to. Between Mother Nature, Medical Issues, and a Journeyman League July was a rough month... and looking back I am so glad it is over.

Now to August.

The Journeyman League continues and there are still a bunch of models to paint for it, but I am almost done and so is the league as it is about to enter week 4 this Saturday. I have lots of models to take pictures of and get posted up on here over the next couple of weeks. Also for August I am going to put in a much higher effort to get those Reviews written and posted.

One last thing for August this moment... The studio is going to be undergoing a GW Cleansing... What is that and what does that mean for you? Well my loyal followers... that means that most everything that is GW related in the studio is going to be going away, and you might be able to pick up some models for cheap... like 50% off retail cheap. Some are painted, some are just primed, and then some are still in box. Once I get done with an inventory for everything I will get them posted up here. They are going to be all or nothing deals so no parting out... at least for now. On the chopping block...

Orks (some assembled, some still in box)
Space Wolves (painted)
Chaos Marines (almost all bits but enough to make several squads) $50 shipped

Orcs & Goblins (ALL still in boxes)
Vampire Counts (ALL still in boxes)
Dwarves (some painted some primed)

Forge World
Bloodthirster (painted, mounted on custom resin base) $350
Nurgle Greater Daemon and Daemon Prince (GD primed, DP Painted) $150
Nurgle Blight Drone (Painted, mounted on custom Resin base and comes with Resin display plinth) $100

I might have more to list once I get through everything.

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