Okay so I am not going to do some big elaborate April Fools prank like everyone else this year. I think this April I am just going to be more serious and fill all of you in on what all I have been up to... cause damn the studio has been rocking the last month or so.

In March there was a couple Circle Orboros commissions for one of the local gaming crew. Also for the local crew there was that 2 player Warmachine starter set and then there was a Retribution commission too. So March was busier than I expected it to be... not that I am complaining as it was nice to be busy, but personal projects have started to collect a fine layer of dust on them.

On a non-painting side note I took the Convergence up to the shop and play a couple games with them even though they are not painted, and let me tell you... it was the most fun I have had playing Warmachine in a long time. It is nice to play a different army every now and then. Don't get me wrong I still love my Khador and I have grand plans for the next expansion of the army, but every now and then you just have to change things up so you don't get burned out.

For April its looking like one more Circle commission for the moment and and more Dark Angels. Beyond that I don't know what all else the future might hold for me. Kinda hope I can work on some personal projects.

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