So I had a small change in plans this weekend. Next week at the FLGS we have a 42point tournament and I wanted to get my Father Lucant ready for the tournament. Now you all know I hate playing with unpainted models but I will for this tournament cause I want to play my Convergence army, but I absolutely refuse to play models that are not assembled. So Father Lucant had to get painted cause I have been planning something big for his base which meant that he had to be painted off the base. So I had to get him done up otherwise I just would not of felt right.

Now lets talk about the base a little. This is something that I saw someone else do with their Father Lucant on facebook and I thought it was an awesome idea as the model just looked like he needed to be standing over something, but what I couldn't decide at first. Well I was cleaning up some stuff in the basement and I cam across a couple wreck markers and one of them happened to be Menoth, and then I thought that would be perfect as I have a strong dislike of the Menoth army. Then I had the joy of trying to figure out how he would be best posed on the damn thing as there really isn't many places good for footing. In the end I figured it out and I really like the end result of having him standing over a dead Crusader.

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