April ends and May begins. Another month gone from the year. For the studio this means I painted some convergence models as well as a few Circle models. There were even some Dark Angels in the mix as well. 
As for May... Well there are going to be a bunch more Dark Angels and hopefully the start of some new Khador stuff come the end of the month. 
Now for something I don't normally do on a news post and that's post up pictures of a model I painted for a client. And this model is the Woldwrath for the Circle of Orboros. Now at the end of March beginning of April I painted a Megalith for this same client and we went with green stone cause he wanted something different. He decided that he wanted to stick with the same or similar shade of green for Woldwrath, so I did. He just ask that I paint in the runes using a different color so we decided on using Arcane Blue for those. 

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