Hey gang its that time of the month again where I tell you what all has been going on. And this time I can tell you that I have actually been up to a bunch of different things here in the studio from testing out paint schemes on my Black Dragons on my Khador to finally getting my Starter set and rulebook for Relic Knights. I have also been talking to a couple past customers of mine that are thinking about getting some work done on models.

Well as I sit here I have half painted models everywhere... I have been working on a few different test schemes for my Black Dragon Iron Fang Pikemen and I think I have come across the one I like the most and it is a small variation on the one that I posted up on here in October. I love the black with the red trim. I think gives them kind of an ominous feel. So as soon as I get done working on what I am working on now I am going to shift over to them and knock them out in a hurry.

Now for the big project of the moment... I am painting up my Black Diamond faction starter set for Relic Knights and I should have them all done shortly. I don't have much left to do really other than paint the minion squad that came in the box. And don't you fret there will be plenty of pictures as I am going to be doing a multi-part review on the game, models, rules... the whole thing. So honestly be expecting that from me in the next few days or so because I have a lot to say about this system and the models. For now though I am keeping my opinions all to myself because I want this to be a surprise and a good read for everyone. So no spoilers yet.

Also coming up on Monday I have a huge announcement that I am going to be making for a new product line from my friends over at Powered Play gaming. So the start of November is loaded with goodies. Perfect timing too with the holiday season upon us.

Now I am taking commission work at this time and I have some openings in the schedule so as always if you need something painted up just drop me a line at chris@2tonpainting.com and I will gladly get you a quote and an idea of a timeline as to how long things will take. But don't wait until the last minute to get those commission requests in to me because we are coming up on my busy season.

Thats all for now and stay tuned for some awesome announcements and reviews.

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