Thats right Gang, its time for that big announcement that I told you I had in the news post I made on the 1st.

So my good friends over at PoweredPlay Gaming (you remember those guys... they are the ones that make the plug & play light kits that I put in a Baal Predator). Well they have been at it again and have come up with a really awesome (and I think necessary) product they are calling Powered Bases. These things look really cool...

I have been talking to the guys and they have told me that the bases are like a miniaturized version of the Alpha Kits and they come with a concealer ring that will help you hide everything under the bases. Now these are for 40mm or larger bases as technology is only so small, so you will have to think about lighting up some of the cooler special characters and even light jacks and warbeasts for Warmachine and Hordes or some of the models from Relic Knight are just begging to have a light kit added to them.

So when can you get in on this Kickstarter you ask? Well I have been saving this awesome news for now because I didn't want to make you guys wait around for to long. So at 9am PST today November 3rd you can hop onto Kickstarter and back this venture. I think the guys have a great product and this is a much needed concept especially for those of us that like things a lot less complicated.

I dont have the info on how big their goal is or how long this Kickstarter will last but I will find that info out and make an edit to this post as soon as I can find that info out along with a link direct from here to the Kickstarter.

Now I have it on good authority that they are going to be including a little something they are calling "throwies" in this little shindig as well... though I am not sure in what capacity they are going to have them. I think they are going to be an add-on but don't quote me on that one. I saw a little short video where one of the guys was showing these little suckers off and they look like a blast to play with.

Thats all for now and don't forget to go check out their Kickstarter once it goes live and show these guys some more support because this is going to be a great product.

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