So... September turned into a total fail month for me. I know I still have the blood angels and the 13th company wolves sitting here waiting for attention. Which in all honesty I am waiting for my paint table to turn into a scene from underworld or even worse... twilight...

But since it is Halloween month it seems very fitting that I have vampires and werewolves sitting on my table waiting to be painted. So really things have not changed at all since my mid month update as to what is on the table for the moment other than the fact that I have added the motivational challenge piece to the roster for this month... and its just another Hammerhead for my Tau... so it shouldn't take all that long to crack it out. In fact it is going under the airbrush later today along with the 13th company stuff... what better way to quickly paint 100 arms. Blast them all grey and then pick out the details... they shouldn't take all that long either.

Now my excuse for this big delay... well... I have been working alot and have not had enough energy to get started on anything. But that is all going to be changing cause I have SO much stuff to get done... and not a whole lot of time to get it all done in. SO... I am going to keep this short so I can get painting. In closing I don't know if I will be getting pictures posted up of every little thing that I paint between now and the end of these projects... but I will do my best.

Now time to get caught back up.

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  1. Nothing like a steady paying job to make you appreciate the hell out of your Free Time eh Wolfy? :P


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