I know I have never done a mid month update... at least not an official one. As several of you know this has been my only job for a while now. Well last night I got hired on in a professional kitchen and I am going to be working 3 to 4 days a week in there. So my paint time is going to be cut in half so commissions are going to start coming a lot slower. In other words the 2 that I have now. (Blood Angels and 13th Company Space Wolves) are going to be it for a while. Once I get them all done I have stuff that I am going to have to paint for the Toys for Tots army. Now I am not closing the studio down or anything like that... I am just not going to be taking on as many commissions as before... like maybe 1 or 2 a month at most. Depending on how things are going with work and what all else is on the project shelf.

Speaking of project shelf. I am going to be adding a new personal project other than just my Tau and Orks and Warmachine/Hordes stuff. I am going to be building a new army for fantasy (especially saying that I have a job and I might be able to afford it). I have been looking at a couple different possibilities and as of this moment I am leaning more toward building High Elves. I really like the way that they look... and you get some really cool pieces in the Island of Blood box.

Also friends of mine that have moved to other parts of the country have got me back into playing video games (damn you Jon) and I have really fallen in love with playing Halo Reach with them. But I think I will be able to budget my time accordingly between painting and playing and working. Really I am just happy to have a real job again so I can afford to do some of the things with the studio that I have been talking about doing.

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