So the blog posts have been kind of slow to get put up here for a couple weeks... I know its all my fault to be perfectly honest. BUT in my own defense, I have been super busy. I broke one of my normal bulk painting rules and decided to assemble and paint 2nd and 3rd platoon all at once. But that is partially because I decided to airbrush the base coat on to speed up the process... and now I only have one more platoon to paint. Pictures will be coming along in the next few days... and might not make it up until the first few days of June as May is drawing to a close. So not going to be a record number of posts from me this month either.

BUT... big news...

I have placed the Forge World order back on like the 17th or so... and now that should be on its way here very soon so I will have a resin baby to paint and post up pictures very very soon.

Next bit of news... I was asked a couple weeks back to write up an article on bulk painting and such for a webzine called Doom Seeker and I will also post up a copy here too in a little while. It really turned out well and has had lots of good response. I also have a couple other articles that I have written up and posted on a couple of forums that I am part of. I will also post them up here after a while as well. Kinda cant link those as they are private forums... but hey... I will share the knowledge just be patient with me.

Also in the news for me... I managed to get asked to do an interview as a bit of bonus content for the podcast called Deep Strike Radio Chase and Chris were really cool to sit down and talk to. We talk about the history of the studio and my choice on paints and brushes... and we even go so far to talk about people wanting to get into commission painting. It was a really fun little bit and I had a blast.

Also... non studio news... I know everyone has already heard or read about this somewhere out there on your favorite website or forum or at you FLGS or even in the latest copy of White Dwarf. Games Workshop announced Citadel Finecasts this past week and along with that a price hike yet again. Also a trade embargo for retailers selling outside of their country. I am not going to rant about the last bit there because it really does not effect me that much... and because that it would be like beating the proverbial dead horse. Because it has been discussed at great lengths EVERYWHERE else. Yes it bugs me but I am not going to rant about that. So... for those of you living under a rock... Games Workshop is switching to Resin models instead of metals. When you might ask? Well on the 28th... since GW is obsessed with doing things on Saturdays. I have seen this coming for a while now because of the way they have been phasing out the metals... no complaints from me on this one because a little mouse has told me that this will be leading to several new sculpts of REALLY old models... YAY!!! And because I really hate working with metals. Now... the price hike... all I have to say to that is "I told you so". No it did not surprise me one bit... BUT don't let sites like BoLS and MWG fool you into thinking that it is some astronomical amount because they tell you that it is like a 30% hike or what ever number they are throwing around this time... its like $0.25 to like $4.00. Is it really all that bad... no... SO QUIT CRYING ABOUT IT. And for those of you out there that make it sound like you have to chose between eating or buying that new GW kit... if you are having to make that choice... then you need to get the hell out of the hobby or get a better job... because hobbies are optional... food is mandatory. And its not like that $4 is that much money anyway... so you might have to get 4 less things off the value menu... BIG DEAL.

So I am going to end that rant there... cause I can already see the emails coming in now... So stay tuned for the articles to be posted after some much needed rest.

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  1. *insert frothy mouthed "BUT GW IS THE EBIL DEBIL Rauggh!" frothy frothy comment*

    Bonus Content was awesome Wolfy, really enjoyed listening in!


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