I know its a little early for the mid-month update, but hey... who's counting anyway.

So I just wanted to throw this up before I get super involved in a huge project. As the 16th approaches we are getting closer and closer to "T" day... yes T not D. When "T" gets here I will be submitting an order to Forge World for one of the largest models they have ever produced. Well it will be that big monster as well as the Forge World version of the Bloodthirster. I can tell you now... that model has me scared. It is 9.5 inches tall and 10.5 inches tall at its widest point on its wings. It was going to be one of the largest models I had ever painted. But there was a rather HUGE model added to the order. Ahh to hell with it... I was going to leave it a surprise but I think I will just let it out. I am going to be ordering and painting a Reaver titan. We have already named the god engine Sanctus Ira (latin for St. Anger). That is the main reason I am trying to fly through this IG part of the commission as quickly as possible while not sacrificing quality. Cause I dont want any distractions once he gets here so I can focus 100% on him.

Also... at this very moment I am proud to announce that I have been asked to write an article for a popular webzine based out of the UK. Its more fantasy based than what this blog has been... but hey... painting is painting. And this article is going to be about bulk painting. So keep your eyes open for that one. When they publish it I will copy the link over to here so you can go and read it.

The Resin base casting part of the studio is getting kicked into high gear now. Production can resume now that I have a good supply of resin waiting to poured. So I can take care of my obligations to this IG commission and another Client. I can start pouring bases for sale. When I get some done up I will get some pictures of them and post them up so everyone can see what they are ordering. I am hoping that I can get a seperate page set up for that so that the post does not just get shuffled off in to old post oblivion.

Thats all for now... I need to get back to work... so stay tuned.

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