So I know that people have been talking about doing this for a while... but one thing I had never really done is look at the dreadnought entry in any of the books. Well when the Grey Knights came out I was reading over the book and I just happened to read that entry in the book and low and behold... they can have dual twin linked autocannons. At first I thought "surely this is a GK only thing... no other marine army can do this". So I grabbed the Space Marine book and flipped to that section and saw it there too. and I was like sweet... I will build one of those for the Salamanders that I am still planning on building later. Then I wondered if the Space Wolves could have it too... I figured that they couldn't because they don't even have the Ironclad... and guess what... it was in there too. So once I had a little extra change to spend I went to the FLGS and bought a Furioso dreadnought for the Blood Angels cause I had an idea I just had to get a hold of the rest of the bits. Well when this wonderful commission came along for Imperial guard I got excited cause that would give me some autocannons to play with, but I wasn't sure how many at first. Well when you get a commission that happens to have 47 Lascannons... that gives you plenty of extra parts to play with. So I set to work this afternoon piecing him together to see how it would look. And I love it.

I chose the Furioso as the platform I would start with because I was sitting here at the paint table trying to get ideas for how I could make it work without buying the FW model. And as some of you know... last winter I was given (in trade mind you) a set of the FW Tau Broadsides and I love how their guns are mounted on the underside of the arms. So I decided thats the route I would take. And the only dreadnought that had the close combat arms on both left and right was the Furioso. Anyway I cleaned all the Blood Angels markings off of the thing and decided to use the death company sarcophagus cause I thought it looked better and it was the easiest one to clean up so I could modify it for Space Wolves. Then I just stuck some SW icons on it.

I will do up a tutorial on how I modified the guns a little later on because I have already had a couple people ask me. I promise... its super simple. Until then... lust over the pictures.

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