So August is here already. Man I just cant believe how fast July went by. And I know I didnt post up as much as I normally do for different projects but what can I say... I was just really busy and forgot to make some posts. July was filled with small paint projects a few I just never took pictures of. Also there was something in there about making some base masters for resin casting.

So yeah I am happy to announce that the first of the resin base sets have started shipping out and should be arriving with their new happy owners by the end of the week. I do ask that if you have bought some of the bases leave reviews on them please.

I did get some painting done last month... mostly personal projects like some Space Wolves and such. I will get some more pictures posted up later this month.

So for this month I have planned a small Dystopian Wars commission. Some more base masters. Some work on chaos stuff... Hell... I might even brake out the big project for the next year. I plan on entering a few BIG paint competitions. And maybe even some orks.

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  1. I wouldn't call its a "small" dystopian wars commission XD oh wait the models are small XD

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