Hey gang... I have been SUPER busy over the last week with trying to get stuff done... I finished up the Skinwalkers and the Skinwalker Alpha as well as a War Wolf and this little monster... Gorax... one of the light warbeasts that I am needing to get done for the Journeyman League. I still need to finish his base with a little paint and some Leaf Litter from Secret Weapon miniatures. I just was so happy with the way that this model turned out that I had to get him posted up real quick since I just got the sand glued down. Once that is dry I will paint it darker and add the Leaf Litter and he will be 100% done. But for now I will show you a cool paint job. I could of used the old sculpt of the Gorax because my FLGS has a few of them on the shelf... but personally I hate that sculpt so I had to order this one in cause I like it better.

Now I have received a couple emails in the last week asking how I get the Lacquered Bronze look on the armor plates that the models have on them. It is a super simple process really... it can be a little time consuming depending on how dark you want the green to be. The way that Privateer Press explains it in the Circle Orboros book is a little long winded and confusing even to me so I figured out my own way by using a couple washes from the Secret Weapon Miniatures line. I mix equal parts Algae and Green and just apply liberally... wait for it to dry to see if I got the desired tint or if I need to add more layers. On the models that I have been doing lately I have been using like 4 or 5 layers to get the shade of green I like and still have some of the bronze base color showing through.  

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