Its Product Review time here at 2Ton Studios, and this month I will be reviewing the newly released Angry Sheep from Iron Box Games. Angry Sheep retails for $24.99 and you can pick your copy up from direct from Iron Box Games.

What you get for $24.99
7 White Sheep dice, 1 Black Sheep die, 35 White Sheep tokens, 1 Black Sheep token... all contained in a handy tube and super STURDY dice cup. You also get the rules of course and the rules are so short and simple that they take all of half a page.

Game Play
The rules for Angry Sheep are super simple and after a quick read we were off an playing. We did keep the rules handy so we could reference what the different images on the dice actually mean, but after a few turns you quickly pick up on what is what.

For our first game it was just two of us playing to get the hang of things and we played through a full game in like 30 minutes. So it plays fairly quickly unless you start using strategy and the dice gods decide to mock you then the game can last a little longer. And I say this cause a later game that we played where we added another family member into the Sheep fueled chaos we were at it for like 45 minutes or so but for the most of the game is was trading sheep back and forth. Still it was a lot of fun.

So it plays quick and it is a ton of fun to play. The more people you have involved in the game the more fun it can be. Also adding more people to the game (up to  the max of 4) depending on your game group you can learn interesting ways to screw over your neighbors to try to get all the sheep and win the game. With the three of us playing the goal was to get to 16 sheep and not be the holder of the black sheep and that is harder than it sounds.

Now I did have a couple rules questions that came up while we were playing but we were just having so much fun passing sheep around that we decided just to keep playing and that I would email Iron Box my rules questions later.

Now you ask "what if I have more than 4 people that want to play?"
The first answer that you might think of is just buy a second set and put the 2 sets together. Well this might be okay but here is what I suggest... just be patient because rumor has it that the crew over at Iron Box games are already working on rules for larger games as well as a "Sack O  Sheep" expansion that should be along shortly.

My Overall Impression of the game.
Angry Sheep has been a well thought out game. My family has found it to be very enjoyable even for those that are not regular gamers like myself. The packaging is rather genius and the fact that it does not take up much space it could easily fit into a backpack or other game bag. It is even a game that I would take to a coffee shop or other establishment like that to sit down and play and show its fun to new people. This is a game that I think should be in just about every home there is because it is a fun game and it is fun to get the family involved in. So if you are looking for a fun game that does not take long to learn or to play I highly recommend picking up a copy of this game. So start bugging your local game stores to carry this wonderful game and any expansions to come, and if that doesn't work you can get it direct from Iron Box.

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