Now that we are past the holidays I am starting to get a clearer picture of what to expect over the next few "frozen" weeks of January.

There is a Ravenwing commission that is supposed to be arriving sometime in the next week or so, and it is one that should keep me busy for a couple weeks as it is like 40 bikes. Not to bad but something that should be fun and will break up the routine a little. BUT until that arrives I am going to be working on a piece that is going to serve as a show piece I think. I can't say what the piece is yet but I can hint at the fact that it is Pirate themed.

On the personal project front I still have the Convergence to work on and I also have some Trollblood stuff that I might have to sneak into the queue even though I haven't sold the Circle Orboros army yet. And speaking of which I really do need to get that army sold so I can openly work on the trolls and also free up some storage real estate. So if you are interested in beautifully painted Circle army that as it sits is a 65 points and has 2 sets of tokens please drop me a line. I really do need to sell it.

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