Thats right people... I got my hands on one of these little gems. As some of you may know not only am I a commission painter and hobby blog writer I am also a member of the Privateer Press Press Gang. And this past year was the 10th anniversary for Warmachine and for the Press Gang. Well Mr. Will Hungerford our Quartermaster and the rest of the crew from Privateer Press set out to do something cool for the members of the Press Gang. That something cool was to come up with an alternate sculpt just for us.

For me this piece means coolness and competition so I decided that I needed to pull out all the stops and give this model the best paint job I have ever given a model before. And this also means that I had to make him look better than the standard Gorman that I have in my Khador army. This whole project was going to be a challenge so off to work I went.

The first hurdle for me was how am I going to base the model... well he is a pirate themed sculpt so he need to be on the wood planking of the deck of a pirate ship. And me wanting to do something more competition minded I decided that I would use a Resin Display Plinth that I picked up from Secret Weapon miniatures about a year ago. I was going to use it for a different project if I ever got around to it... but Pirate Gorman deserved it more.

So with the wood planking all laid out and lined up so that the gaps between the boards lined up on both the removable base and the display plinth. I set about scoring a wood grain into the planks and I just simply stained the boards using Sewer Water wash also from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

Now onto Pirate Gorman himself.

I set about painting him using mostly Reaper Master Series paints triads and I just thinned them down even further than they already are so that I would be working in more thinner layers so I could try to achieve more of a subtle color modulation. The blue on the cloak took over an hour by itself for example. I also decided to use a little OSL for the green glow on some of his alchemical grenades that he carries.

So I really took my time with this model cause I wanted him to look good and I wanted to show off more of what I could do on single models and not just bulk painting. I am super pleased with how well this model turned out. And I think he will serve his desired purpose very well.

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