So as the title says... I have successfully painted 69 of the 74 models from the new fantasy box. I have just a 5 more to paint and they are the Reavers (High Elf light cav) I will get started on them late in the day on wednesday so they will be done by thursday if I have my way. And if I do pull off that feat it will be 74 models in 11 days... but as long as they are all finished by the 4th I will meet the deadline.

Heath... Doc Tim... If you guys read this... I told you I would do it.

2 Responses so far.

  1. These are excellent colors for the Elves, they are bold and bright without being gaudy as they often end up portrayed. I am mightily impressed with your work Ethic here Wolfy. A lesser man might have gone the Army Painter road with the old Spray n Dunk and called them done but not you Sir!

  2. I don't believe in Army Painter... in fact what is this Army Painter you speak of?

    No seriously I refuse to use that stuff and its not even allowed in my house. Cause anyone that can pick up a paint brush can paint an army in a week with that stuff and it will look like crap.

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