So here is the terminator Librarian that I pledged to paint for the Toys for Tots army that the Freebootaz are doing up. As I have said in the past the army is going to be a massive Ultramarines army and is going to be sold on ebay (I will post links as soon as it goes up for auction) and the proceeds from the army are going to be going to the Toys for Tots. This is something that the Freebootaz have done for the last couple of years. This yeah I figured I would offer up a couple pieces and paint them up real nice to donate to the army. Now this is my personal donation but I might be painting some other stuff to get donated to the army... which of course there will be pictures of those but I will let you guys know before hand that they are not my donations.

Now onto this guy... when I went to pin the hand on I drilled though the hand and added an extra long piece of brass rod. Then I added a screaming skull to the end of the wire. Then with a little green stuff and started sculpting it. I am really liking the way it turned out. I went back and forth on what color I was going to paint the skull and stuff... but after talking it over with some friends I decided on green. To me it has more of an spooky look to it... like its got some other worldly power to it... even if it is just green stuff and wire.

As always post up comments if you like what you see.

Stay tuned for more work to come.

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  1. HAHA He looks freakin awesome Wolfy! I like the more muted tones to his staff as well as the skull, he sort of looks like he's in the action rather than just coming off the parade ground all shiny and new. Great work!

  2. I am sorry... but other than papa smurf himself... no marine should ever look like they just walked off the parade grounds. they are in constant war for god sakes

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