So while on taking a break from painting (I have a very important meeting this afternoon) I decided to give you guys a quick update as to how September is looking so far. Oh and to announce that this is post number 100!!! Which for me is a huge thing cause I am never diligent enough to post on something like this on a regular basis... other than the fact it is a place for me to show off to the world what all I am painting. So congrats to me on hitting the century mark for posting as well as maintaining a 1 post per day last month.

Damn... August was busy. And what about that suprise job there at the end of the month. Yeah I know I am still working on it, but there are only 5 models left and its due on Saturday so I still have plenty of time to get these 5 guys painted and based before I have to give them back to the shop. Which I am thinking about doing on Friday if everything is done by then.

Now... the monthly outlook.

So first up for September is finishing the last of the Island of Blood box for my shop... Obviously. Now the rest of the month is looking like it might be just as busy as last month because I still have a lot of stuff to do. At the top of that list is the motivational challenge entry for this month and it is Fast Attack. So I am either going to do up my pathfinders for my Tau... or I am going to do up the mass of gun drones that I have piling up here in the studio. I think I am up to like 20 or so, and thats a lot of frisbies. On the commission front I have finally recieved all the stuff so I can get to work on Whitewolf's 13th company that I said I would do for him and it is going to be a pain in the back side cause it has lots and lots of magnets. And some resin pieces that came all the way from Poland (thats what I was waiting on) so in total there are only 13 figures in the job... but there are going to be like 100 arms. And that is it for the confirmed commissions at the moment but there are talks and rumors of a Blood Angels army that is going to be flying in from the Fresno area. But all I can say at this moment is that it is a rumor. So when I know more I will give the world an update. Cause I have not painted a codex legal army for someone in a while. So my fingers are crossed and I am excited.

So if things continue to stay busy like this I am either going to have to demand a higher price or start turning people away cause I have been busy as hell lately. I am starting to think that I have a chain around my ankle keeping me in the studio.

So... thats all for now. Thank you for following me through these first 100 posts of miniatures. Be sure to follow me through the next 100 cause things are just starting to get good.

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  1. Keep it up Wolfy, I think you can really make something of this!

  2. Thanks wolfy! Good work Brother!

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