So another month... another motivational challenge done. This month was painters choice... I was going to paint up some more Firewarriors for my Tau and I had these wonderful models from Forge World that I had a buddy pick up for me while he was in England just sitting on my shelf BEGGING to be cleaned up and put together and painted. So I chose to listen to them this month instead of what I was originally going to do. BUT that does not mean that I wont still be painting other Tau stuff, cause while I am working on Blood Angels if I get tired of seeing red all the time I might cleanse my pallet and paint something Tau.

So this being November I have 11 challenges done for gold and one more to go. So I am going to start painting on some Blood Angels and try to decide what I am going to do for my objective marker for next months challenge.

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  1. Very nice work Wolfy. I know I've said it many times but seeing the Tau represented like this does put me in a mood to play them. These guys just look efficient and bad ass all at once.

  2. thank you sir... I am glad that I represent them well here... I love the FW broadsides so much more than the crappy GW version

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