So I have been working on these guys for like a week and a half now and I finally got them done. They took a little longer than I had originally planned... but every time I turned around I found some other new detail that I wanted to paint in a color that I just used like 3 colors ago. So there was a lot of back and forth and a massive amount of touch ups because they came to me fully assembled and all I had to do was paint them, and let me tell you... that is a huge pain in the ass with those wings on there. Oh and each set of wings just by them selves took like 2 hours each.

The pictures honestly do not do these guys justice but the do look awesome either way. Oh and even the thruster ports on the jump packs look like they are at full throttle. I need to get some pictures of that too I guess.

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  1. Pretty nice work on the Disco Marines Wolfy, they actually don't look glittery at all. Lovely wings, and I want to steal that Banner! They look very grim :)

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