So October comes to a close... and November brings a new month... and with that a new update. And of course a rundown of everything that I have on my plate. Which the plate is getting smaller because I have less and less time to paint. BUT I have managed to get the stuff for Australia all taken care of, and the Promethius finally arrived so I could get the rest of the studios pledge for the Toys for Tots army done.

So I have the Promethius to get painted and shipped out, Demonllamma's Blood Angels are also sitting on the table waiting to get painted. I have managed to get started on the Chaplain Dreadnaught. The nice thing about the most of this army is that its mostly all sprayed red so I have to highlight and shadow the reds and then add in the details... and poof... done... I know easier said than done with as little time as I have to paint. But I am hoping to get the whole thing painted before Christmas. Might be a bit of a stretch but I think I can get it done. Also on deck for this month is the motivational challenge. Now I only have like 2 more months to do on this and then I will be done with it and have all gold medals. Atleast thats the goal. Now here is my tough decision for this month since its Painters Choice. Do I paint another squad of Fire Warriors, another Hammerhead, or my present from england... 3... count them 3 Forge World Broadsides. I think I will let people vote on that one. Also if I have time and get tired of seeing red I might pull out some Warmachine for a day or two so that I can break things up and not have to paint the same colors over and over.

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  1. Broadsides, c'mon's FORGEWORLD :P

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