So... as some of you may know... the last few years at GenCon they gang over at Wyrd Miniatures has released a special "Nightmare" edition pieces. Well (I think it was) last year that they had the "Dead Justice" box which is just a more Resurrectionists look to the Lady Justice box set. The cool thing is that it comes with the cards to play them as a regular Lady Justice set... or different Resurrectionist pieces such as a Dead Doxie.

Well I kinda got the chance to paint up one of these boxes for the guys over at The Eternal Warriors which is a podcast that for the most part is mainly 40k based but they talk about a little bit of all games. This is the group of guys that I did the interview with at Adepticon, which they should be including that interview in an upcoming show. ANYWAY... this set is going to be given away to one of their lucky listeners. I am not sure of the details of the contest as they have not been announced yet. But if I was you guys I would be listening very very close cause this is one I would not want to miss if I was you.

Here is a little preview of the minis that I painted up that you could possibly win.

BTW... If the bases look slightly familiar to you thats because they are from the Corpse Field line from Secret Weapon Miniatures. These bases are BRAND NEW... I am pretty sure that the bases are available for sale through SWM but they just barely got released. I painted them up and gave them a treatment of "realistic" water so the models look like they are standing in puddles of gore. 

So not only do you get to win special edition models... but you get them mounted on brand new resin bases from Secret Weapon!!!

So be listening to The Eternal Warriors for more details on how you can win these sick models.

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