Hey gang... Time for a product review. This time around I am writing a review for the Ceramic Bricks from Secret Weapon.

When I decided that I wanted to order these I was trying to decide which color would be best so I had a little chat with Mr. Justin and I decided that the Terracotta mix were cool if I decided to leave them plain or give them a little wash. But really I am thinking that I am probably going to prime and paint them when I use them on a big project. So on with my review.

One thing I wasn't ready for was just how tiny these things are. They come in a bag but because I was afraid of them getting spilled all over the studio floor I moved them into an empty container from GF9 that has a screw top lid. That really is about the only complaint that I have with this product. Now I know that Mr. Justin likes it when people show the products in "action" shots so I have been wracking my brain trying to figure out a cool way to show these off other than just piling them up on a base and calling it good. But I felt like getting creative...

So I started things off with a blank 30mm round lip base that I filled in with green stuff so it was flush.

And then I took a piece of masking tape and I arranged and lined up the bricks like you would see on a brick sidewalk or something like that.

 Then I just spread a little super glue on the base so that it would give the bricks something to stick to and flipped it over onto the bricks that I had on the piece of tape. Then peeled the tape back leaving the bricks that stuck to the base. As you can see below... they are a little uneven in their placement but over time bricks can shift and they are placed by hand (usually) so they are not going to be perfect. Honestly I think it looks pretty cool. 

I have to say that I do really like this product, whether its for something like I did here or if you want to make a debris strewn base or even use them for making scenery. Another 5 out of 5 for this one.

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