As you may have seen in my last post I used several of my supply of 30mm corpse field bases that I ordered from Mr. Justin for a "Dead Justice" Malifaux box for the guys over at The Eternal Warrior to give away. Well I ordered some of each size because I am redoing my Warmachine Demo sets and I am putting them on resin bases from SWM so they stand out and maybe get Justin more fans. Anyway I am going to be putting my Cryx set on these bases. Figured it was a very fitting base idea for the Cryx. 

Well here you can see I took a couple of the extras that I had and decided to paint them up now so I could give a review on the bases while I wait on the Cryx set. So in the first photo on this post you can see that I painted up some of the 30mm bases and in these two photos you can see that I decided to do up a 40mm and a 50mm. I chose these extras for my review because I think that they offer a little more detail than the smaller ones.

After I painted and gave the bases a matte coat I decided to attack them with some realistic water that I had sitting on the shelf.

As always these are really high quality resin bases. They have a high level of detail in them and there is a serious lack of air bubbles in the top side of these bases. (the only air bubbles I found were on the bottom of the base which to me is very acceptable). With the amount of detail these theme bases will work great for just about any murderous army. They are also available in beveled edge so you 40k guys dont have to feel left out... especially with the rumors of a new Chaos codex on the horizon. Just think about using these theme bases on a brand new World Eater army... really gets those gears turning huh?

To Justin and the crew over at Secret Weapon Miniatures... 2 huge thumbs up guys. I love these bases and I have some really cool plans for these... so keep them in stock cause I am going to be ordering more.

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