If you go back to the review post that I made earlier this month for the Star Wars X-Wing game. This time I am going to review the KR Multicase storage system. We happened to pick it up to keep our X-Wing models in so I thought I would write a review for the case.

Now for over a year now I have had multiple people tell me that I need to look into KR cases cause they liked the foam better as well as the cost over other options that are out there. So when we bought into a new game we took a shot at trying a new storage system for it.

My first impression of the KR system is that the foam is really soft, it is no where near as dense as some of the other foams out there and it might be actually really good for painted miniatures with little fiddly bits that can get broken off because it should absorb impact a little better and not be so stiff. Now I don't know this for sure but I think having a little more give in the foam that it might be better... but I could be wrong. My big problem with the soft blue foam trays is that they are really flimsy and if you have any weight in the trays you have to be careful to not spill the contents all over the place.

The storage system its self I also want to question a little too because it just a cardboard box. And while it is a rather rigid box it is still just cardboard and it does have a lower crush rate than say something with hard plastic sides. Now KR does offer other cases to put the cardboard box into I just didn't invest in one. Also being that it is just cardboard if it gets wet in the rain going to and from the car or someone spills a drink on it and its ruined.

My overall opinion is this...

There is no perfect storage and transport option for our beloved games and figures. Everyone of them has its pros and cons, be it cost, reliability, amount of protection. Some are better than others and you should pick the storage option that is right for you and your needs. Personally I would give KR Multicase 3 out of 5 as it is a good product and it is good to see variety in the storage and transport market. For the cost its not bad, but that is based on just getting the foam and the box for the X-Wing models that we got. If you get any more models we will need another case and then we will have to look at getting one of the bags or something to keep the stuff together. But doing that will really put the cost up there with some of the other options out there and it is still cardboard boxes. Another thing to note is that if you decide to get this set for your X-Wing models be prepared to put the 5 Straight movement template either on top of the tray or to cut the foam to make it fit with the others cause the slot to put the straight movement templates into isn't cut long enough.

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