So its a few hours early to be calling it October already but I figured what the heck... September was such a great month in the studio and it set a few personal records here. But that is besides the point as it is now behind us and time to move into a new month.

I cant really say what all is going to be coming over the next month for paint jobs because it comes down to you... my followers. Well those of you that want to get stuff painted and don't have the time or the skills to get your models painted. The studio is still taking commissions at this time so IF you are looking to get some models painted at a reasonable rate just shoot me an email at and I will get you a quote and get you on the schedule.

However the Fall clean out continues and that means there are still some killer deals on some models that need to go...

This is the updated list of after what all was sold over the weekend. If this stuff does not start getting sold soon it is going to be meeting a very nasty friend of mine that just happens to be a 10lbs sledgehammer. 

Chaos Space Marine Defiler $25

Dwarf Army (Full army, mostly painted... see below for a list of what all is in the army) $350
Ogres Kingdoms (Full army, mostly painted. Email me and I will get you a list and pictures) $400
Orcs and Goblins (Full army all NEW IN BOX. Email me and I will get you a list) $350

Forge World
Blood Thirster (competition painted) $250

Nurgle Blight Drone (painted) $50
Badab War Books parts 1&2 $50

If you re interested in any thing listed above just shoot me an email at

So I figured one last thing for the news post this month... since I was just on a rant about stuff for sale I figured I would pick one of the items on that list and feature it a little more. So I picked the Dwarf army that is for sale.
 The army includes:
1 16 man Quarrellers
3 16 man Thunderers
2 20 man Warriors w/Great weapons
2 20 man Warriors w/weapon and shield
1 22 man Slayer w/command
1 25 man Miners w/command
1 23 man Iron Breakers w/command
2 Organ Guns
1 Cannon
1 Grudgethrower
2 Bolt Throwers
1 Flamecannon
1 King Alric with Shield Bearers
4 Engineers
6 Lords/Thanes
1 Thorek Ironbrow (anvil of doom)
Games Day Slayer Lord (the one standing on the daemon Head)
Army Book

All of this for only $350 plus $25 shipping (after all a good chunk of it is metal)

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