Some of you may know that I am a HUGE Star Wars fan... not to the point that I know the expanded universe inside and out or anything like that but I am a fan. And in the last post I did a review of the X-Wing game from Fantasy Flight Games, well the other night we were playing and we mentioned again that more dice is a good thing for that game cause you don't get enough. Then I decided that each player really needs a couple sets of dice cause otherwise one person ends up hogging all the dice. Then I remembered seeing something about an app you can get on your phone from Fantasy Flight called Star Wars Dice and decided to give it try, and here is my review of said app.

Star Wars Dice is a phone app that can be purchased in the Google play store or the iTunes App store. I got it for my iPhone for only $4.99. I thought the app was a little tricky to use at first as far as trying to figure out how to get the right dice that I needed, but once I figured that out it has been fun just to play around with. Believe it or not is has the dice from the Star Wars Edge of the Empire rpg as well as the dice for Star Wars X-Wing and a set of regular Polyhedral dice for you to choose from. And you can have as many dice out there at a time as you need to roll. For example I had 5 red attack dice and 4 green agility dice on the screen and then I would just select the number and the color of the dice I needed to any given roll and then just gave my phone a shake, then laid it down on the table so my gaming buddy could see the roll. It was rather effective and it made for some entertaining moments cause the app has some cool sound effects built right into it. Since I was the Imperial player I selected the Imperial sound effects and every time I gave my dice a shake they would bounce around sounding like Imperial Blasters. The dice rolls really were random too... and the Imperial forces still couldn't hit anything they shot at.

Now lets take a minute to talk about cost...

Like I said a little while ago I only paid $4.99 for it, now look at the cost of the sets of dice for X-Wing are going to run you $7.95 a set and if you happen to be into Edge of the Empire those dice are going to set you back $14.95. And a set of polyhedrals will run between $4.95 to about $12.95 depending on the manufacturer and the color or finish. And that is for only ONE set each... with this app you can have as many as you can fit on the screen for only $4.99. That sounds like one hell of a deal.

Now I know what you are thinking "you like the feel and the thought of rolling real dice" or "my opponent or event organizer wont let me use that" which is fine and fully understandable cause some people are that way and I am in no way saying that you have to buy this app. I am just saying that it is a really helpful tool to have handy for those kind of situations when you don't have enough dice.

So if you are like me and you are into X-Wing or Edge of the Empire give this app a serious thought cause it really is a helpful tool and it can also add some cool sound effects to your games.

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