This my friends is the (somewhat) new plastic Venerable Dreadnought kit. I LOVE this kit... first of all it is the first time ever that GW has put out a plastic Plasma Cannon for a dreadnought. AND... the kit has a metric crap ton of extra options you can add to the model to make the dreadnought a little more unique looking for your army. So you can buy several of these things and put them in a massive army and no 2 should look alike. The other thing I really like about this kit is the fact that they have decided to model after the Forge World dreadnought kits where you can see the helmet of the marine that is entombed inside. For the most part I didn't add too much as far as the extras go for this one cause I wanted to see how it looked with just the basics... BUT... I did set it up so you can swap out the right arm so you can use the different weapon options. Smart move on GW's part for making it so that you can make up all 3 arm options without having to contact one of the bits box companies out there.

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