So yeah it has been a couple weeks since I posted anything... So I figured I had better let the masses know what all I have been up to hobby wise... cause trust me I have been very very busy for the last 2 weeks. Also I need to announce something new that I am offering as a service from 2 Ton Studios. If you will remember in my last post that I am going to be painting random pieces up and selling them off to help raise money for the studio. Mostly for advertising purposes like getting a booth at Adepticon in 2012.

So NEW from the Studio... RESIN CAST BASES!!!

Thats right fans... I am going to be offering resin bases as a new service for commissions at an additional charge. As well as selling the bases in sets. Prices are yet to be determined, but as soon as I get that all worked out there will be a post on it... trust me. Currently I have a good selection of 30mm, 40mm, and 50mm round edge bases sculpted at the moment and molds poured ready to start casting. I have some poured now and are getting used on Malifaux sets, but they could also get used for Warmachine and Hordes. Or any other game that uses the Round Edge bases. I am out of grey stuff at the moment and I am waiting on a shipment from GF9 in the next couple of days and then I will be getting started on bases in all sizes for 40k. Fantasy bases will be the last ones on the agenda for sculpting.

I am taking suggestions for what some of the 40k bases need to be sculpted like. Below you can take a look at some of the bases I have sculpted thus far. I have some back stock a;ready poured and ready to ship on most all of these... and some are more of a pour on demand basis. I hope this is something that will really help set 2 Ton Studios apart from some of the other services out there and will help Launch us more into the front of the pack... like maybe in the top 5 or 10.

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