So here we are... officially 1 week into February and I am finally done with the Motivational Challenge entry for this month. And this month it was troops. So I chose to paint 12 boyz and a trukk. Really happy with the way the boyz turned out... the trukk I am still kinda on the fence about. I think I went a little overboard with the yellow paint. So I am either going to repaint it eventually or just get a replacement trukk for this squad and limit just how much yellow is actually on it. But really for the most part it looks pretty good. I think the next trukk is going to be a little more heavily armored looking as I have a mass of plasticard sitting here and nothing to really use it for.

Next month in the moto challenge entry... HQ... and just wait until you see what all I have planned for that.

As for the rest of the month... not real sure at the moment honestly. I have a bunch of pieces that I want to get painted for the old man that he doesn't even know I have started on yet.

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