So as the title says... this is going to be something new from the Studio that I have never really done before. Now everyone knows that I do commission painting for people all the time. Well this is going to be a little something different... but the same... weird I know. Anyway... I am going to buy random pieces and paint them up because it is a piece, unit, vehicle that I have always wanted to paint. Then the pieces are going up for sale. Now I am doing this for a couple of reasons.

1. Commissions are coming in kinda slow at the moment so I am using this stuff as a way to break up painting the same thing over and over.
2. 2 Ton Studios is looking into arranging to have a small booth at Adepticon in 2012. So the proceeds are going to go to paying for a booth next year and possibly paying for the "showcase" army that I am wanting to build and paint to display at the event. And just maybe... raffle off. The army has been decided... the point value has been decided... and a few other little surprises have been decided about this army. Now if you are a Freeboota you already know the army, point value, and ONE of the other surprises that will be done to this army for conversion value.

So without anymore delay... I give you the first piece that is going into the For Sale folder. I was at the LGS the other day and I spotted this piece hanging there on the wall and could not pass it up. It is just a regular Imperial Guard Commissar that I cut off his bolt pistol and swapped it out for a plasma pistol instead. There is just something a little more threatening about a plasma pistol over a bolt pistol. Normally the uniform of the Commissar is solid black with different colored trim pieces to show their rank. Well I thought that all black looked really boring so I decided to paint his great coat red instead. It looks MUCH better this way and the bright red really draws the eye to the piece. He would look really good in any Imperial Guard army or sitting on a shelf. There are 10 hours logged in the painting of this piece and it is mounted on a resin base.

Now I am not going to set a price on this first piece that is being done up this way... but I am taking offers. So the highest offer or the first person to offer the amount I would like to get for him gets him. Don't let this piece pass you by because I will not duplicate this piece (unless part of a commission for a client). So act quickly and get this piece for your IG army today. Just shoot me an email at to make an offer.

One more thing... US offers add $5.95 for shipping, Canada and Mexico offers add $11.95 for shipping, and overseas international offers add $13.95 for shipping. This is for shipping in a USPS Priority Flat Rate Shipping box so you can check the USPS website for pricing to verify if you would like.

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