Sniper Scouts... old metal ones at that... plus a heavy bolter and a missile launcher. I like the kneeling down guys cause you they have their camo cloaks out and as most of my followers know... I have a small thing for painting camo patterns on stuff... I have done it several times on several different armies. This one I messed around with several times trying to figure out what colors I wanted to use... then once I settled on wanting to use greys as they would blend in better with a war torn city than most others I had to set about a pattern. That was the hard part... and in the pictures its kinda hard to see it but it is somewhat similar to what I used on my Tau Firewarriors but instead of being thin lines I went with thicker lines and patterns and then I went with a super light (almost white) grey and I really thinned it out and used my blood splatter technique I have been using on my Orks to really create randomness to break up the lines. I am thinking that the next camo pattern I have to do will be nothing but splatter patterns because of how truly random it is.

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