Hey gang... I just want to say happy new year to everyone out there on the net. 2Ton Studios has a few more tricks up its sleeves for the year ahead of us.

So I want to really start this year off by putting out a "Call to Arms" of sorts... in other words lets end the tyranny that is the scourge of unpainted miniatures together. IF you or someone you know is playing games with unpainted models and they either don't have the time or the ability to paint the models and have them turn out the way that they want them too then send me and email at commissions@2tonpainting.com and we can work something out to help end the blight of unpainted models.

Also I don't know if any of you know this or not but sitting here in the studio is a small gathering of painted Chaos models from Forge World that are needing to find a new home in the new year. the big one being the competition Blood Thirster that I painted for Adepticon last year. Yep... thats right folks... he is still sitting here in the studio and really needs to find a new home. So if you are interested in any of the painted stuff that is sitting here in the studio that is needing to find a good home again send me an email to commissions@2tonpainting.com or chris@2tonpainting.com

Anyway... Happy New Years everyone... I hope that its gonna be a great 2013 for everyone.

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